The Red Scare

By: Halie Schmitt

Another Red Scare?

A fear-driven phenomenon brought by the growing power of communist countries after World War II.
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Is communism taking over?


Main Character

Senator Joseph McCarthy

President Harry S Truman

Supporting Casts

Good: House Committee on Un-American Activity, Loyalty Review Board

Bad: Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, Alger Hiss, Hollywood Ten


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Hollywood 10

The Hollywood 10 were a group of 10 California film directors and writers.

They were investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) because there were charges that Hollywood was full of Communists.

The Hollywood 10 decided to go to jail rather than answer HUAC's questions.

They were later blacklisted, denied from work, and their careers were destroyed.

Who is your neighbor? Could they be a SPY?

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

In 1951, a United States court convicted Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, two Americans, of providing the Soviet Union with atomic-energy secrets during World War II. They were executed in June of 1953. This fueled the fear of communism within American because no one knew who spies could be.

More Spies???

Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss was an American man who was accused of being a Communist spy. He worked as a New Deal lawyer for the State Department. Because of his job, he was able to give secret State Department documents to the Soviets.