A wolf Made By: JOSEPH


  1. The gray wolf has many special adaptations. Their coats are made up of wooly fur to provide insulation and long guard hairs to keep out moisture. The gray wolf's large paws have fleshy pads and claws for traction and can spread to provide better support in snow.
  2. In Canada and Alaska, the gray wolf population is stable. In most of North America, however, they are an endangered species. In Europe, Asia, and Africa, the remaining wolf populations are tiny. The largest wolf population in Europe and Asia is found in Russia, which includes the Siberian Taiga.
  3. The wolf is at the top of the food chain and has no natural enemies. Their only threat is humans. Wolves help keep the ecosystem's population in check by preying on the weak animals so there will be food for the stronger individuals.They are also carniborous animals.

A thing of wolves

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