The Best Way to Slice a Mango


Have you ever thought about which way is the best way to slice a mongo? There seems to be so many different ways to do it, and I would like to find the best one.

Find it Out

There are so many different ways to slice a mango. I have always wondered which is the best way to do so. Some people swear by their methods but they all seem to have flaws and difficulties. Many times I have seen a fresh, ripe mango on the counter and refused to eat it because cutting is just too difficult.

Probably the most commonly used method is to cut the mango into halves and slice it into cubes. However, this method is difficult and dangerous. Because of the way you must hold the mango, it is very easy to cut yourself while cutting a mango in this fashion. Other options often leave a large amount of the fruit behind or cause more effort than desired to slice a mango.

Recently, I have found what seems to me to be the most efficient and easy way to slice a mango. I have tried numerous different ways in past years, and this has been the method that I use the most often because I believe it to be the best way to slice a mango.:

Step 1: Find a very thin, sharp knife that has a smooth edge. Then, cut off both ends of the mango and peel all of the skin off of the mango except for a patch on either side of the wider sides of the mango.

Step 2: Use the two patches of skin left on the mango to hold it on the cutting board. Then, cut around the pit of the mango by holding the patches of skin and rotate around it. Do this on both sides around the mango so that you have two large pieces of fruit.

Step 3: Next, you can trim any pieces off of the pit that have been left behind. The pit is usually less slick and is a little bit easier to hold. Or you could just suck on the pit for a while. Its a good snack with lots of flavor.

Step 4: The two large mango slices can now be diced, sliced, or cut into any shape or size you desire. Enjoy!

Try it Out

The best way to learn this method is to try it out. You have to practice until you become a mango cutting master. Here are a few things you can do to get better at cutting mangoes:

1: Try cutting the mango into cubes. This is the most popular way to slice a mango. Practicing cutting a mango into cubes while using this method is a great way to become better at this skill.

2: Try using this method on different fruits and vegetables. A great way to practice this skill is to use it on other things like apples, kiwi, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of. This method isn't just a great way to slice mangoes, its great for many other foods too!

Here is the video that helped me learn this method of cutting a mango: