3D Cataloguing Workshop

Manufacturing goes digital!

Rapid developments in digital and process technologies are reshaping production and manufacturing as we know it. The coming together of software, communications and internet technologies, with additive manufacturing and high value production capabilities are creating new opportunities. This has also led to the emergence of 3D geometric shape-based search engines with 3D models input, which can streamline the searching and finding of designs and products.


These developments can be exploited by adopting the 3D catalog technology. The workshop, organized in collaboration with CADENAS, the largest supplier of 3D digital product catalogs, will introduce you to e-catalogs, manifest its benefits via case studies and demonstrate how your business can adopt and benefit from this technology.


The 3D object libraries will:

  • Increase in-house efficiency
  • Make your parts visible globally
  • Generates additional sale leads
  • Improve lead to sales conversion
  • Enhance customer experience and retention
  • Make you the preferred supplier globally


1-2pm: Introduction to FMF

2-3pm: Introduction to E-Catalogs

3-4pm: Its Benefits

4-5pm: Demonstration

5-6: Drinks

3D Cataloguing Workshop

Saturday, Aug. 31st 2013 at 5:30pm

FMF House, jasdsadas, w2 43at

Future Manufacturing Forum

The Future Manufacturing Forum is a think tank and interest group that draws together stakeholders from across the ‘digital fabrication’ spectrum - from 3D web startups through to high value blue-chip manufacturers - to capitalise on the emerging opportunities at the interface of the internet and high value manufacturing.