1. Life as a Woman

They worked for practically everyone

2. Serf-

A peasant who lied and worked on land of a lord or vassal

3. Medieval society for women

Medieval society would have been very traditional. Women had little or no role to play within the country at large. Within towns, society would have effectively dictated what jobs a woman could do and her role in a medieval village would have been to support her husband. As well as doing her daily work, whether in a town or village, a woman would have had many responsibilities with regards to her family. (history.co.uk)

Witch accusations

Some women were known as witches, capable of sorcery and healing. Others became nuns and devoted their lives to God and spiritual matters. Famous women of the Middle Ages include the writer Christine de Pisan; the abbess and musician Hildegard of Bingen; and the patron of the arts Eleanor of Aquitaine. A French peasant's daughter, Joan of Arc, or St. Joan, heard voices telling her to protect France against the English invasion. She dressed in armor and led her troops to victory in the early fifteenth century. "The Maid of Orleans" as she was known, was later burned as a witch. (http://www.learner.org/interactives/middleages/morefeud.html)

5. Questions for the class

What else besides serfs could women be?

Who was the woman that dressed in armor and led troops to victory in the early 1500's?

7. My opinion

I think that most women had a hard time in the medieval times because most of them were serfs, but the women that were either part of the king's family or nobles were lucky because they did not have to do the work of serfs.

8. Makensey Mays 4th period.