The Last Thing I Remember

Andrew Klavan


This book is a action and fiction book. The setting takes place in several places some of them are in the forest,cellar,prison and the city. This book is about a boy named Charliewho is straped in a chair. Then the next minute he is tiped over in a truck and hurt. Next, he is at school with no bruses or cuts. What will happen next find out in The Last Thing I Remember.......


I like that is says Mrs. Simmions Layed out a package of boxers when Charlie only needed one pair of boxers. Another thing that I like was it really shows us there emotions and what they are thinking about saying.


I did not like that one minute he was stuck under a truck and the next minute he was at school. Also I did not like that Charlie was ordered to die. Last, people that were going to kill Charlie were saying cuss words.

Favorite Charcters and Why?

My favorite are Beth snd Charlie.The reason I like those charcters are because Beth will stand up for herself. I like Charlie because he will stand up for himself and he is not afraid.

Why should someone read or not read this book?

Some one should read this book because this is a very intence book and it explains every thing.