Republic of Chad

culture of Chad

The People

In chad the official languages are french and classical arabic. The religion is split into three main religions, half muslim, 25 percent animist, and 25 percent christian. They also try to be friendly, especially in public. Also cleanliness is vary important to Chadians.


Unannounced visits are common in Chad. People knock by clapping outside someone else's door or gate. When greeting someone at their houses they shake hands with everyone starting with elders, then men, finally women. men and guests eat seperate from the rest of the family, then children eat their leftovers, then women eat after every has been served.

Life Styles

A man has as many wives and children as his income, religion, and personal preferance allow. Muslim weddings can last up to four days. For fun women visit each other to talk, drink, and braid their hair. Muslim men dominate trade in Chad.