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Communication and Collaboration Tools

What are they? And why should my child use them?

Do you find it a pain when your child gets assigned a group project? If so, then you should encourage him or her to use communication and collaboration tools. Communication and collaboration tools are all over the Internet and simply put they make it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. Below you will find my suggestions for the best communication and collaboration tools to use...

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best tools your child can learn to use for group projects. It allows you to upload a file, share it with others, and work on it with others at the same time. It even has a revision history tool that allows you to revert back to an old version if you make a mistake. And did I mention it is FREE to use? All you need is a Google account which you can make here.


OneDrive is the place to go to store all your child's information. OneDrive makes it very easy to upload a file from your phone, tablet, or computer and share it with others. The best part about it is that you can store just about anything whether it is a PDF copy of your child's notes, an audio recording from your child's class, or a video your child made for a group project. OneDrive is free to use with a Microsoft account, but if you store a lot, you might have to upgrade and pay a small subscription free. Click here to go to OneDrive.


Twitter is an awesome way for you or your child to communicate with his or her classmates and teachers. Users tweet out messages that can be seen by others. There's two simple ways to get your message to people: 1) Use a hashtag that others can search, or 2) Tag someone in a message. So next time your child doesn't remember what his homework is or wants to find out if anybody would want to study with him, go to Twitter! You can make a Twitter account here.

What's Next?

Now that you know of three great communication and collaboration tools, you should go signup for accounts with your child. All three of the tolls listed above have options for free use, so there is nothing stopping you...