Team 7 Newsletter

Feb. 24-28

Pennies for Patients

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Monday-Students will play a game to see how operations affect inequalities

Tuesday-Students will work through real-world situation for writing and solving inequalities

Wednesday and Thursday-Students will work on a group project involving inequalities

Friday-Students will review for a test

There will be homework assigned Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday work will be in class only-so there will be no homework

Students will be asked to finish the review over the weekend if they do not finish in class


Students finished the week with a chapter 2 test over the nature of force. Next we will be looking at types of energy and the law of energy conservation.

Monday will be an introduction to energy with sketchnotes.

Tuedsay - finding how much power and kinetic energy of objects.

Wednesday - potential energy

Thursday - Forms of energy

Friday - energy transformations and conservation

As with all work, if it is not completed in class, it is homework. The only exceptions are in class hands on labs and tests/quizzes.

Language Arts

This week we will be finishing our work with Huck Finn to analyze how Huck makes the decision to free Jim. After our close reading, students will work on their 4 paragraph essay on the topic of: How do we make decisions for ourselves? Students will use what they learned in Long Way Down, and The Adventures of Huck Finn to answer the question. We will work on each part of the essay in class, but it may be necessary for your child to finish for homework.

Monday: Close reading of Huck's decision

Tuesday: Introduction

Wednesday: MEAL paragraph on Huck's decision

Thursday: Adjust MEAL paragraph on Will's decision

Friday: Conclusion and editing

(We will review paragraphs on Monday with a final copy being due on Tuesday of next week, 3/3)