Rome Italy

Come Explore,more and more!

we all love food,why not travel and love it in Rome,Italy even though its not what you eat normally

In the United States 94% of people eat pizza regularly,and also pizza is famous in Rome,Italy and is avalible on the go.Many eat meat but if you dont you have alot of yummy vegeterian choices.We all dont devour meat ...So they have pata with diifrent things in them.Also if you are trying to keep up on a diet,it works perfectly in Rome,Italy because they only eat 2 meals a day,but if you dont some Romans eat 3 meals.So come and try the diffrent foods in Rome even though its not what you normaly eat.


You do want to know the history,arts,and government of where your going.

Rome was discovered by twin brothers in 753 B.C. Then in 1946 they changed from monarchy to a republic and Romans belive in many gods. The renassance began in the 1300's and ended in the 1600's.And you might just get lucky and see the marches which are held for festivles,holidays,and celebrations.Go look at many paintings,historical figures,art, and learn how their goverment works.

You might just be used to heat

July and August are the hottest moths in Rome,Italy.At the begging of May and the middle of October is a good time to go to the beach.It is hot on a normal day. You could go to the mountain through January and Febuary because they are the coldest moths.Its usually mixed from the U.S.A. but its okay you'll get used to the change.

You might just want to become bilingual before coming to Rome,Italy.

Most language is spoken is Italian,but 2 language are spoken on the streets.You may have kids that could speak to the young because mostly engilsh Also slove speaking minoritiesexist is in Rome,Italy.You could probably learn Italian and make conversation.

do you want where you can go to have fun? you do ok lets explore

first,you can go have a cool,wet,dry at the beach, but its full of people. but,if your hot into the beach that's ok you can go to the chilly cool cold mountains most of the kids learn at two years old so if your hot so good at skiing it's ok ask someone.Most people live in urban areas because they have been around longer and for many years.You may love,love,love,love,art work then,you can go visit Michelangelo's work.If you are into any of these things you will have a good time go have fun and enjoy yourself.

Don't you wan to go and see old and beautiful sights

Well here are some listed for you.The Captoline Hill is the smallest of 7 hills yet the most famous.Also the Vadicant museum holds alot of of historical sights.Adding to the list is arch of Titus is one of the 2 remaining arches of the Formu Romaum .Last you could stroll through the National park and see beautiful things.Go to the diffrent places make memories and take pictures