Tornado Warning!!!!!

Created by: Cody Brennan, James Rule, and Aliyah Taylor

It's that time of year folks

That's right if you live in the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, then you might want to run because we're in the time of year where tornadoes occur. Our meteorologists are saying that there's a tornado(es) coming towards your way. Make sure that your families are safe and everyone here and in the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska wishes you luck. God bless everyone. Now here are some tornadoes from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska from the past years.

Tornados in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska

What causes these tornadoes to hit these areas?

Tornadoes are natural disasters that are made up by clouds and wind. Tornadoes are formed by thunderstorms, but not any thunderstorms. The type of thunderstorms that creates tornadoes can be very dangerous and includes things such as hailstorms, sometimes flooding and greater flashes of lightning.

Dangers that associates the during a storm

When a tornado(es) hits your area it leads to a bad experience for everyone. SInce tornadoes are fast, dangerous, and very powerful they grab and suck things in its path and nothing can stand up when tornadoes are coming. Tornadoes will destroy everything in its path. When tornadoes finish their business, just imagine the results of damage they occur and how much money will be being cost. Nobody has that type of money to rebuild everything that this natural disaster has left behind.

Safety Tips

1: If you are in a house stay away from windows and stay at the lowest part of the house

2: If you are outside try to find a place to stay safe til the tornadoes are over

3: DON'T stay in a car

4: NEVER take cover underneath a bridge or a overpass

5: NEVER try to outrun a tornado