Benozzo Gozzoli

The Secularist of Fresco's By Ethan LaValle

Benozzo's Basic Information

  • Born in 1420 Florence,Italy
  • Spent majority of life in Florence
  • Taught in arts by Lorenzo Gilberti and Fra Angelico (fellow artists)
  • Not much is known about Benozzo's life. All he did was art
  • Majority of creations were Fresco's
  • patronized by the famous Meddici family for Gozzoli's beautiful Fresco's

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Triumph of Saint Thomas Aquinas

  • Created in 1468-1484
  • Is Located in Musee Du Lobre in Paris, France
  • The thing that really sticks out about this piece is it is religous so therefore it is very Secularist
  • What is very interesting, in the reniasance it was all about the growth of mankind but Gozzoli still believed that religion is still important
  • This piece represents secularism (as i've been saying the past 2 bullets) because it doubts the belief of humanism by using religion