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Sept. 2 - Sept. 6 (Labor Day Week)

Hello HSOI Family,

As we prepare for our 3 day weekend celebrating Labor Day, I want to inform you how that impacts your students' schedule for the week of 9/2/19 - 9/06/19. If your scheduled day is on Monday and Wednesdays, then you need to attend on Wednesday and Friday of next week. If your scheduled days are on Tuesday and Thursday, then you do not need to come on Friday.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!!!

CANVAS Observer

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Your student's grades and class assignments (outside of Edgenuity) are housed in Canvas. As a parent, you are able to monitor their progress as an "Observer".
If you are already set up with a Canvas Observer account, you do not need to create a new one.
The instructions for setting up a Canvas Observer account and using the Canvas Parent app are in the attached PDF.

This code may only be used once and expires after 7 days. If your code expires or more than one parent would like to set up an Observer account, feel free to email Ms. Bermudez (abermudez@cnusd.k12.ca.us) or Mr. Kaan (bkaan@cnusd.k12.ca.us) for assistance.

EDGENUITY Family Portal!

Dear Parents/Guardians,
You should have received an email from Edgenuity in the past 24 hours that indicated you've been added as a parent/guardian for your HSOI student, HSOI Demo Student in Edgenuity.

Activate your account at https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Family. (Follow the instructions in the attached PDF for activating your account.)

Family Portal will allow you to view your student's progress in Edgenuity. Edgenuity is 60% of your student's overall grade. This grade is transferred every 1-2 weeks into Canvas, where you can find your student's overall grade for their courses. Instructions to follow on how to create a Canvas observer account.

All parents have been set up to receive weekly email reports on their student's progress. Please review these with your students. If you see any RED, this indicates your student is behind. All Edgenuity work for the week is due on Friday by 11:59 pm.

Please feel free to reach out to your students' instructors if you have any additional questions.

College and Career-Ready

Sylvan - FREE SAT/ACT practice test!

If you didn’t already know, Sylvan provides free SAT and ACT practice tests to students who are referred by their school counselor! Practice tests allow students to experience test-taking conditions to prepare them for the actual test. After the practice test, each student will get an evaluation of his or her performance, along with suggestions on how to improve test scores. Students can simply call Kulvinder at 951-272-0727 to book their practice test! Please let me know if you’d like more information.

Parent Corner

Academic Support Form

HSOI provides additional support to help students succeed. Students are required to be on campus on their scheduled days; however, on non-scheduled days (remote study days) students are to work and study remotely. But, if your student needs additional support throughout the week, he/she can sign-up to come in on on a non-scheduled day(s) for that week. For safety and supervision purposes, no student is to be on campus on their non-scheduled days (remote study days) without signing up each week for support.