Emergency Contraception

A Contraception Presentation

Emergency Contraception

When you hear the term emergency contraception, you may wonder what the heck it is. Well first things first, emergency contraception is a safe way to prevent a pregnacy from occurring after unprotected sexual intercourse.

This method is directed mainly towards the use of females.

How Does Emergency Contraception Work?

Emergency Contraception stops the releasing of an egg, which stops the sperm from meeting the egg. It also stops a fertilized egg from reaching the uterine lining, and attaching to it.

The pill must be used at a minimum of 3 days after unprotected sex in order to get the best results.

How Do I Obtain Emergency Contraception? Also, How Much Does Emergency Contraception Cost?

You may think that in order to obtain Emergency Contraception, you have to jump through hoops when really it's simple. Almost every method of Emergency Contraception can be obtained over the counter, without a prescription. Even though Emergency Contraception can be obtained without a prescription, there are some methods that do require a prescription. Even though methods of Emergency Contraception don't all require a prescription, you should always talk to your doctor before hand.

The Cost of Emergency Contraception ~ The costs of emergency contraception can vary. Some methods range from $30-$65. There are other methods such as the IUD that cost $500-$900.

How Effective Is Emergency Contraception?

Emergency Contraception is very effective. Once you use it, you are protected from an accidental pregnacy after unprotected sexual intercourse. The success rate of Emergency Contraception is about 90%. At the same time, Emergency Contraception does have its failures. Sometimes even after taking Emergency Contraception, you can still become pregnant. Also Emergency Contraception fails to protect either partner from any type/form of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

Advantages Of Using Emergency Contraception

Advantages of using Emergency Contraception:

  • Covered by almost all health & medical insurances.
  • Most methods can be obtained without a prescription from your doctor.
  • You can have sexual intercourse unprotected and not become pregnant for up to five days after taking Emergency Contraception.

Disadvantages Of Using Emergency Contraception

Disadvantages of using Emergency Contraception:

  • Can cause side effects such as bleeding between periods, nausea, stomachache, & weight gain.
  • May not work and result in a pregnancy.
  • Doesn't protect against STIs.

How Does Emergency Contraception Compare To Other Methods Of Contraception?

Compared to other methods, Emergency Contraception tends to work as one of the best. Contraceptive methods such as a condom can break during sexual intercourse. If the condom breaks, the woman can still just as easily become pregnant. Methods like the pill can be easily forgotten. If a woman forgets to take the pill, or takes it at the wrong time, then she can still become pregnant. After these slip ups, Emergency Contraception is usually able to clean up their messes.
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