Physical Therapists

Elisabeth Bagley

A Day In My Shoes...

Physical therapists design treatment programs to help people who have physical disabilities. The goal of the physical therapist is to help people become as independent as possible in their physical activities.

How Much?

Physical therapists generally work 40 hours a week.

Training? College?

Physical therapists must have a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. Many employers require applicants to have completed a six-month clinical internship that often results in the physical therapists completing their master's degree before seeking employment. Physical therapists must be licensed in the state where they are employed. A doctoral degree is required for university faculty positions.


Usually earn $58,700 per year (national average)

Work Conditions?

Physical therapists generally work 40 hours a week. Their work involves considerable physical activity inside or outside.

Work Places?

Most physical therapists work in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, and public or private agencies. Those working in early intervention programs (for infants and children birth to three years of age) work in the homes of these children and their families.