>France's nickename- "The Haxagon" (six-side country)

>A quote- "Fance cannot be France withoit greatness." - Charles de Gauile

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Northern France

>The importance of Paris- Paris is the econmic poitical and cuital of France.

>The importance of Lille- Lille is another important city that has texile factories, chemical plante and steel miles.

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Southwest France

>Goods produced here- This region has grapes that are used to make wines.

>One fact about bordeaux- Brodeaux has a reputation for producing the best wines.

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Southern France

>Describe the mountain ranges here- Massif Central is west of the Rhone and is one sixth of Frances land area. Alps are toll snowcapped mountains.

>The issue with the Alps and what they diid to fixe it- Movement was hindered between Fance and Italy in 1965 a tunnel was dug through montblanc between France and Italy.

The Mediterranean

>Describe the riviera in two sentences- It attracts tourists who enjoy sunbathing and the scenery.

>The three sities in this region-Cannes, Nice, Saint-tropez

Information about Marseille- A seaport and second most active in Weatern Europe.

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East France

>Importance of the Rhine River- The busiest waterway that borders with Germany.

>Resources that can be found here- Iron, coal.

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France History

>What was France once known as and why- Gaul because they were the nativer people if the area.

>Importance of and who was Charlemagne- Charlemagne was conqueror who spread teachings of Christianity and revival of learning.

>What country has invaded them and who helped them out- Geramny the United States.

Language and Culture

>Langusge of France- French.

>Explain how Frace became the language of France- French kings ruled language of Paris be the language of the land.

>What is a dialect- It is variatioons of language in a region.

>The France Academy and its importance- New words most be approved by the French alademy.

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Cultural Identity

>Impressionism- A stayle of pointing.

>One example of a famous France artist- Claude Monet.

>City that is the cultural center of France- Paris.

>Famous art museum in France- Louvre.

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France Today

>Two things France has done to help its economy- National programs for economy. It made trade agreement.

>What strained its alliance with the US- Opposition to military action against irag.

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Southern France picture

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