December 8, 2014

Climate Survey


So far, 23% of the staff at Cary has participated in the Climate Survey. 6 people started, but did not complete it. This is the measuring stick, the district will use to see how we are doing. :)

Medrano is at 29%.... Let's try to beat Medrano in participation. :)

Our Goals

We have set three goals/priorities for our campus to work on:

  • Instruction
  • Data
  • Mindset or climate

You will receive an email with some data Mr. Shaw put together showing our positive direction. (Of course our goals written out are longer and on Agendas, but these are core priorities.


  • Kudos to Mr. Davis for always offering to help new teachers with fresh ideas and suggestions for keeping classroom instruction exciting.
  • Kudos to Mr. Davis for asking to put together a collection for our custodial team!!! Please see him, if you would like to donate..
  • Kudos to Mr. Diaz for always asking how things are going and offering helpful advice/lending a hand upstairs.
  • Kudos to Mr. Rico, and Mr. DelaRosa for making the kids better students, and of course better players, I see a lot of change and improvement on the soccer players that I'm teaching and they work with a lot of commitment on math, I wish they could have more soccer games so they can continue improving.
  • Kudos to Siri Smith is always helping and aware of where to be upstairs...she is amazing jumping in where we need her, it's like she has a sixth sense.
  • Kudos to Ms. Priddy, she brought in a wonderful guest speaker to inspire students about graphic novels in November and they are still reading them like crazy, she ignited a passion.
  • Kudos to Ms. Coleman and Ms. McMillan for doing what is best for students each and every day and making 876.3 changes to schedules.
  • Kudos to Mr. Hudson on the beginnings of an awesome NBA career. Also, on making math fun for students who cannot stand it.

Cary is awesome! We have MUCH TO CELEBRATE!