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Sports events

This year we had some great record breaking time in track for our guys and girls. We won district 2 years in a row, great job COLTS. Our relay teams just got faster and we got first every meet except for zone. Our colts didn't give up when we were down in the score charts we did the best we could and that's all that matters, we really showed colt pride. Great job to all the colts who ran or did field events it was a great track season.

Soccer season just started up great start colts. We had a really good win for Boys and girls A and B team, last Thursday against CTMS. If you want to see them in action come down to the CMS fields or HMS to see us tonight 4/27/17

Upcoming events

We have the social coming up this Friday night from 6:30-9pm so get your friends and meet new people. we have candy, drinks, and pizza so be ready for the fun.

CMS kicked this upcoming May off right. On May 5th we have the 8th-grade celebration at the compass center from 6-10pm don't forget to dress your best.


We have gone around the school to see what students think colt pride is and this is that they have to say-

Addie Segal (7th grade)-"I think colt pride is showing integrity and being a leader"

Elise Nackley (7th grade)-" It is representing Colleyville well "

Hannah Sirkin (8th grade)"Colt pride to me is showing pride and effort in your work in every class"

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Trivia games

In the U.S., where can alligators and crocodiles be found together in the wild?

What city is the capital of Canada?

What movie did Elvis Presley first appear in?

Answers- south Florida, Ottawa, & Love Me Tender


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