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February 1, 2023

Principal's Corner

On January 16, 2023, staff participated in District Provided Professional Development. During this time, staff was given the opportunity to work with their content area teams to review their curriculum. While reviewing their curriculum, they had a rich discussion around priority standards (the ones on which teachers focus instruction, assessment, and feedback). After the discussion, the content area teams then determined which standards they would deem priority standards and then developed an outline that could be viewed with horizontal grade level teams as well as vertical reviews from teachers of adjacent grade levels. The work is not complete, but the staff made great strides with this task. Below is an example of the work that was accomplished during professional development from the English department.


Ms. Metzger's 7th Grade students are learning about artist Georgia O’Keefe and observational drawing (drawing from real life). Students were given a combination of real and fake fruits and vegetables (the real ones they got to eat at the end of the lesson), and used their observational skills to draw what they saw. Students learned about how to use a viewfinder, drawing from life, and how to portray texture and pattern through drawing. During the next portion of their lesson, they’ll choose their favorite sketch to draw larger than life in oil pastel.

Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Name: Em Metzger

How many years have you been an educator? " I was a long-term art substitute teacher last year at Rossford Jr High in Ohio. This is my first year in my own classroom."

Subjects/grade levels currently teaching: "6th, 7th, 8th, High School (9-12): Drawing and Painting, 2D/3D Art, and Art Foundations."

Why did you decide to become a teacher? "To inspire and encourage students to find their passion and creativity through art."

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of teaching? "Pottery, skateboarding, and hiking."

What is the highlight of being a teacher at Addison Community Schools? "The love and support showed by students and staff"

Any additional information that you would like to share? "I run my own pottery business when I'm not teaching and just moved to Michigan this past summer!"

Big picture

Student Recognition

Students in Ms. Davis’s math classes received their awards and sweet treat for the second marking period. Great work!!

January Students of The Month

6th Grade – Lance Haag

7th Grade – Wilsey Morgan

8th Grade – Logan Jewell

9th Grade – Quincy Smith

10th Grade – Cameron Miller

11th Grade – Jade Shaw

12th Grade – Madison Kilburn

Winter Homecoming Court

2023 Winter Homecoming Spirit Week


Dressy on the top and casual on the bottom


Write your #1 red flag on a red shirt


“On Wednesdays we wear pink” - Mean Girls 2004


Freshmen - French Dressing ( stripes are in )

Sophomores - Thousand Island ( dress for the beach )

Juniors - Ranch ( dress in your most country attire )

Seniors - Caesar ( grab your togas )

Staff - choose your favorite


Show your PANTHER spirit

Big picture

Winter Homecoming Court

Freshmen: Lilah Davis & Heinz Szeve

Sophomores: Emily Lappan & Joshua Ray

Juniors: Jade Shaw & Tylor Scott

Senior Queen Candidates from left to right:

Madison Kilburn, Madelynn Sines, Isabelle Patterson, and Emily HIcks

Senior King Candidates from left to right:

Zachariah Stephens, Nathan Sines, James Hallenbeck and Evan Potes

P.A.W.S. ( Personal Best, Act Responsibly, With Integrity, Show Respect)

Addison MS/HS has been actively involved in implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for the 2022-2023 school year It is important to remember, PBIS is not a canned program; it’s a framework. The MS/HS teams continue to review tools, products, and practices to make updates based on our needs. In doing so, we remind ourselves of the few non-negotiables…

●P.A.W.S - 3-5 positively stated expectations.

● Expectations are to be defined through a matrix.

● Expectations need to be taught and revisited frequently.

● Our system incorporates acknowledgments; it’s about the relationships.

● Staff memebers understand and utilize a common continuum of responses.

● Data is collected, shared, and used for decision-making.

In the Middle School

Mr. Schwartz's 8th Grade U.S. History

In 8th grade United States History students are currently engaged in a unit comparing the North and South in the antebellum years before the American Civil War with respect to social and economic systems, geography, and industry. Students have recently studied the industrialization of the North and the growth of the early textile industry. In addition, students examined changes in technology that had a profound impact on the development of industry and American life during this time. Students engaged in this learning through a variety of activities including a hands-on simulation intended for students to learn what it was like to work in early factories. Moving forward, students will be learning about the agricultural South and will be comparing that to what they have learned about the North. Students will begin to realize that the sectional differences between the two regions are creating division and will be a major contributing cause of the American Civil War.


Scholarships are available in Mrs. Haag's office. Help yourself to any and all scholarships that are in the binder. Just a reminder that the LCEF scholarships are due by February 28, 2023, and there are over 180 possible scholarships available through the LCEF.

In the High School

Radio and Broadcasting with Mr. Berry

2022 marked the ten-year anniversary of the establishment of Addison Community Schools’ very own WQAR 95.7 The Panther. For the past decade, The Panther has offered its listeners from far and wide (due to our streaming setup, we even have dedicated listeners as far away as Europe!) a non-profit FM radio station owned by ACS and operated by its students. As an elective option, students at Addison High School can take Radio and Broadcasting to learn more about the business and operation of our radio station and to put their own creative spin on The Panther. 2022 was also the year that The Panther came under new management in the form of the retired Mr. Mike Ingels’ successor, Mr. Jason Berry.

Under the direction of Mr. Berry, the station’s founder and lead technician, former school board member Mr. Michael Murphy, and an outstanding 2022-23 class of Radio and Broadcasting students, The Panther has experienced many changes over the last several months. The station is located on the middle school side of the building, across the hall from the art room, and includes two rooms—the “Production Room” and the “Air Studio.” Both rooms have gone through major transformations, including new broadcasting software (DJB Radio), new furniture, new equipment such as microphones with risers, a new computer monitor setup, and so on. Just recently, our station added some exciting new features, such as the ability for listeners to text-in with song requests and words of encouragement and the ability to insert requested songs manually. Inspired by a December field trip to our partner station WION Radio in Ionia (see a picture of our staff at WION below), some of our staff have gone above-and-beyond to donate new decor for the studio to make it feel more aesthetic and cozier. There have also been initiatives to expand awareness of 95.7 and its listenership via social media; the station presently has its own page on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

In terms of vision, The Panther is also sporting a new coat. Earlier this school year, the air staff put together a new and improved broadcasting “clock” to best represent our station’s variety of classic and contemporary hits. To represent the station’s commitment to adding more fresh music to our playlists, the air staff christened the station with a new “tagline” or slogan, “Addison’s Perfect Mix of Classic and Current Hits!” They are also in the process of updating The Panther’s logo (see below for the latest draft), which appears on our streaming services TuneIn Radio and Streema. In January of 2023, the station’s three broadcasting teams for this school year—The 3 Musketeerz, Broadcasting Wolverines, and AA Batteries—began a series of regularly scheduled live shows throughout the week. During a live show, each team covers a wide variety of topics that one would hear on professional radio shows, such as talk show segments, news updates, PSAs, music trivia, interviews, and much more. Many of these changes reflect the air staff’s “To-Do List” of goals for The Panther in 2023.

Although much has been done, the 2022-2023 class of Panthers at WQAR is still hungry. The class is determined to expand our listenership, find ways to get the school and community more involved and invested in our station, cover more school events, and find ways to inspire future broadcasters! The future is bright at 95.7 The Panther and we appreciate your continued support and patronage. Keep listening and for now, over-and-out from WQAR 95.7 The Panther!

Building Positive Family Relationships with Teenagers: tips

The ordinary, everyday things that families do together can build and strengthen relationships with teenagers. These tips might help you and your family.

Love and appreciation
Show your child how much you love and appreciate them. This can be as simple as saying ‘I love you’ each night when they go to bed or giving them a high-five.

Family meals
Regular family meals are a great chance for everyone to chat about their day or about interesting stuff that’s going on or coming up. If you encourage everyone to have a say, no one will feel they’re being put on the spot to talk. Also, many families find that meals are more enjoyable when the TV isn’t invited and mobile phones and tablets are switched off!

Family outings
Try setting aside time for fun family outings – you could all take turns choosing activities. A weekend away together as a family can also build togetherness. Our article on teenagers and free time has more ideas for things you can do as a family.

One-on-one time
One-on-one time with your child gives you the chance to stay connected and enjoy each other’s company. It can also be a chance to share thoughts and feelings. This might be as simple as going for a walk together, watching a movie, or telling your child a story. Or you might find a regular hobby to do together, like cooking or yoga.

Celebrate your child’s accomplishments
Celebrating your child’s accomplishments, sharing their disappointments, and supporting their hobbies sends the message that your child’s interests are important to you. You don’t have to make a big deal of this – sometimes it’s just a matter of showing up to watch your child play a sport or music, or giving them a lift to extracurricular activities.

Family traditions
Family traditions, routines and rituals can help you and your child set aside regular dates and special times. For example, you might have a movie night together, a favorite meal or cooking session on a particular night, a family games afternoon or an evening walk together.

Household responsibilities
Agreed household responsibilities give children and teenagers the sense that they’re making an important contribution to family life. These could be things like chores, shopping or helping older or younger members of the family. It helps to give your child some say in which responsibilities they take on.

Family rules
Agreed-on rules, limits and consequences give teenagers a sense of security, structure and predictability. They help your child know what standards apply in your family, and what will happen if they push the boundaries. When your child is involved in making your family rules, they’re more likely to see them as fair and stick to them. Negotiating rules with your child can also help you to reduce and manage conflict with your child.

Family meetings
Family meetings can help to solve problems. They give everyone a chance to be heard and be part of working out a solution.

Extra support
If you feel that your family really isn’t connecting, you might find a family counselor or other family support service helpful.


Important Dates

Tuesday, Feb. 7 – 7th & 9th grade vision screening

Friday, Feb. 10 – Homecoming vs. E Jackson Girls & Boys Basketball

Sat., Feb. 11 – HS Winter Homecoming Dance 8:00 – 10:30

Tues., Feb. 14 - MS Equations Team Meet 8:30- 12:00

Friday, Feb. 17 – No school for students/Teacher PD

Monday, Feb. 20 – No School

Thursday, Feb. 23 – Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:00

Friday, March 10 – End of the 3rd Marking Period

Friday, March 17 – MS/HS Assembly ( Social Awakening)