The PLAY of the Week

February 3 - 7th

Hey There!

We are trying new template for Play of the Week. We are just trying things out, so feel free to give us feedback, suggestions, or cupcakes. As Winter continues to dump snow and bitter cold temps on us you all have still been trekking into school with smiles, questions and really interesting uses of technology in your classroom. Keep stopping down and remember Spring will come, even if Punxstawney Phil saw his shadow.

Tips & Tricks

Using Google+ Communities with your class but feel like some important information may get lost in all the posts? Remember that the "About" section of your Google+ Community stays at the very top of the page and does not reorder based on post date. Questions about how to make that work for you, stop on down to the PLC or IDEA and we can help!

What's Been Happening in the PLC and IDEA

Here is what you all have been asking this week, so we thought we'd share a few quick answers:

  1. How do I add, change and create contacts for Second Semester Classes? Check out the Gmail Add & Edit tutorial, they have instructions on creating, editing, merging, etc.
  2. I know the Research Tool helps students find information but can it help them cite the source? Yes, here is how you can cite Web Results, Tables, Articles, etc.
  3. s How do I find scripts commonly used in education? Right here. Find something good, share it with us!

Have You Seen...?

Having students follow the Winter 2014 Olympics? Think about having them create a Tagboard with the topics you'd like them to follow.