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January 5, 2016 Hosp Elementary


Due to the sub shortage, the Job-Embedded PDs will be changing.

I got some clarification at my IC meeting about the ELAR PDs. They are on the scheduled days that I gave you, however, they actually are at the Admin building. One person from each team will go from 7:20-8:20, and we will need to split your class until you return. So, you do NOT need a sub. J

Since only one person is going, they will need to schedule a time to meet with the team and share their learning.

Sorry for the confusion! We will not need to switch collaboration days.

Don't forget to cancel your subs and register in Eduphoria! :)

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Math PD Days

A note from Carrie and Tammy:

Carrie and I have exciting news to share with you regarding a change we are making to the format for on-going professional learning in mathematics.

Due to the cost of substitutes for face-to-face job-embedded learning, and the stress felt by campuses when substitute jobs are left unfilled, we are moving to an online format for professional learning. We anticipate you to find the new format collaborative and flexible with regards to your time away from the classroom. One of the platforms we will be using is Google Hangout. We will be partnering very closely with Lily Smith to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible. This will be our first attempt at such a format, so please bear with us during our learning curveJ

Advantages to an online format for learning include:

1. The grade level team has the flexibility to learn together

2. SpEd, GT, and ESL teachers as well as the Campus ILT have the opportunity to join in on the learning

3. There will be a session recorded to provide additional opportunities for reflection/learning

4. Several timeslots will be available for signing up to provide increased flexibility

PD Schedule

The schedule for our online PDs:

  • January 14: 5th grade
  • January 21: 4th grade
  • February 11: 2nd grade
  • February 19: 3rd grade
  • February 25: 1st grade
  • March 22: Kinder

5th grade, we will watch from 3:00-4:00 on January 14th. :)

Stephanie Harvey handouts

Click here to see the handouts from the Stephanie Harvey training.