Roma Gypsies

How the roma gypsies were eliminated by Hitler

Who were they?

The romani more commonly know as gypsies have been veiwed as outsiders since shortly after their arrival in Europe.They have no homeland but maintain strong traditions and strong barriers between them selves and the gadje non romanis.The name gypsies come for egyptian but gypsies are thought to have origins in northwestern india as evidenced by their language which is similar to the sanskrit of india.

Pictures of the Roma gypsies in the holocast

Why did Hitler want to eliminate them?

He wanted to eliminate them because they were dirty,stole things,and they also were in the same teritory as the jews. meaning they were living by each other and he thought that the were just as werse as the jews.

What happened to the roma gypsies?

30,000 were taken to the consintration camps and killed.

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How they are not allowed to participate in the 50th anniversary commemoration of the liberation of Aushwitz in january.(Aushwitz is a nazi concentration camp in world war 2 near the town of Oswiecim in poland.
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(This is a picture of the roma gypsies kids when the were in the consintration camps.)
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They took pictures of them so if they got away then they had a picture of them if they had seen them.