How to Use a Compass

by: Chase Burton

Whats a Compass?

A compass is a device that can show you the direction of where you're going if you know how to use it. A compass uses Earth's Magnetic Fields and the magnets in the compass. A compass uses them to point the needles of the compass to the north and south poles of the Earth. Without Earths magnetic fields a compass would not work because the magnets in the compass would not have any way to point the needles north or south.

How to use a Compass

Materials: To properly use a compass, you will need a compass and a map.

Step 1: To use a compass you need to first find where you are on a map.

Step 2: Then figure out where you want to go on the map.

Step 3: One you have figured out where you want to go on the map, rotate the map and compass at the same time until needle on the compass points north.

Step 4: Follow the direction of the compass' arrow, and make sure to keep the arrow aligned with the arrow.