The Egyptian Art Period

3000 B.C.E - 332 B.C.E

History Behind Egyptian Art

Egyptian art took place in Egypt. Ancient Egyptian art reached considerable sophistication in painting and sculpture, and was highly stylized and symbolic. Slot of the artwork created by the Ancient Egyptians hand to deal with their religion. They would fill the tombs of the pharaohs with painting and sculptures. Temples were another popular place for art. Temples often held large statues of their gods.

Materials Used For Sculptures and Paintings

While most sculptures were made of stone, wood was sometimes used as an easily carved substitute. Paints were obtained from minerals such as iron ores (red and yellow), copper ores (blue and green), charcoal (black), and limestone (white).

Paintings and Sculptures

Facts About Egyptian Art

  • They mostly used the colors blue, black, green, red, and gold in their paintings.
  • A lot of Egyptian art depicted the Pharaohs.
  • Many of the paintings in Egypt survived the thousands of years because of extremely dry climate.
  • Small carved models were often put in tombs. These included slaves, animals, boats, and buildings. It was said they would have them for the afterlife.
  • Most of the art in the tombs were stolen by thieves over the years.