A Message from the Superintendent

Bus Accident This Morning

To the Watertown Public Schools Community,

The Watertown Public Schools is sharing information that there was a bus accident at approximately 8:05 this morning on Belmont Street in Watertown involving one of our Lowell school buses on route to the Lowell West School. There were six students with minor injuries reported who were transported to the hospital to be evaluated among the 44 passengers. Everyone is safe and being attended to, and in following our safety protocols all parents of the students have been notified of the accident.

WPS wants to extend a sincere thank you to our first responders, our two School Resource Officers, and our Lowell School staff that immediately attended to the students involved in the accident and followed our established safety protocols. All students impacted were well cared for, and for that we are grateful. As you can imagine, this was a frightening experience for our students on the bus, and we will be continually checking in with them over the coming days to offer whatever support is needed.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Dede Galdston, Superintendent of Schools