Lesson Overview

Dear Parents,

Please take time to read and use the information below to create dialogue with your teen about what they're learning at EYC. I hope that this proves to be a helpful tool in your child's spiritual development and your relationship with them!

3 Week Holiness Study Overview

“Holiness” is one of those words your teenager hears thrown around a lot at church. But how well does he or she really understand what it means? Better yet, how well does he or she understand how it impacts his or her life?

We’re beginning a new study called holiness that will take your teenager on an awesome journey. Your child will learn exactly what the Bible means when it says God is holy. (And more importantly, why it matters). He or she will learn how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross made holiness available to humankind. And he or she will be challenged to see how embracing the Bible’s call to holiness can have a dramatic impact on the people he or she encounters each day.

You’ll be receiving follow-up reminders from me as we teach each of these topics. I’ll provide you with an overview of what we studied, as well as some follow-up questions you and your child might use to continue this important conversation.

So what can you do to help your teenager better understand the concept of God’s holiness and why it’s so vital to our faith?

  • Pray for your child each week, and for the others in our Bible study.
  • Watch for follow-up letters and engage your child in conversations about what he or she is learning.
  • Look for ways to improve the communication between you and your child, especially as it pertains to spiritual matters.

Thank you for letting us share this valuable time with your teenager each week! Please pray for us. You can be sure I’m praying for you!