April 29, 2016


You will be receiving your summative time along with a short list of questions to reflect on. I do not need you to turn in a written response. You will not need to bring anything to write on or write with unless you want to make notes.

This is a time to make an honest assessment of your own performance and the campus as a whole.

So, do some thinking about the questions, and we will visit.

There has been an uptick in discipline over the last week. I know this is a product of where we are in the year, but they still have a ton of work left to do.

As we remind them of this, continue to hold them accountable and send out any constant environmental disruptions.

Also, as we wrap up the summatives, we will finally get to start using the new walk-through forms. I am a few weeks behind on that schedule that I set for myself, but I will spend the month of May trying to get us all familiar with the tools we will be using next year.

Y'all have a great weekend.

Upcoming Dates.....

Note: The library will be closed all week for HS EOC testing.

May 2nd: Summatives

May 3rd: Summatives

May 4th: Summatives

May 5th: Tennis banquet 5:00 - 9:00

May 6th: Algebra EOC

Finishing the Fight

Chuck Wepner wasn't given much of a chance against Ali - all he wanted to do was go the distance. He didn't quite make it, but he got close. The fight would change the world, however - as an out of work, broke actor named Sylvester Stallone was watching it, he had an idea for a movie.

Stallone wrote the script to "Rocky" the weekend after Ali-Wepner...... about a fighter that just wanted to go the distance with the champ.

The final round for us is on the horizon. Y'all keep fighting.

Ali vs Wepner -15th Round KO