4th Grade Memories

By: Erin Collins and Jason Llosa

Social Studies

Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War was fought by the Colonies of America and Great Britain. The war started because Great Britain was taxing the colonists and the colonists disagreed because they didn't have a say in Parliament. That meant they couldn't say no. The colonists were so furious about these taxes that they threw crates of tea into the Boston Harbor and this act was called the Boston Tea Party. They did this as an attack because one of the taxes was that they could only buy tea from the East India Tea company. Afterwards they declared war with Great Britain even though the colonies were outnumbered they still had the bravery to fight. They declared war because they thought that Great Britain had gone too far with the taxes.The Colonies were losing and people were changing their mind about wanting to fight until the battle of Trenton. After that everything went uphill. They won the battle because they used strategy by going in different directions over the Delaware and did that by night.The war lasted 8 years until Great Britain and the colonies signed the Treaty of Paris.

Language Arts

One thing in language arts that we did was that we learned about mythology. One of the myths we learned was a Lenape story called "Rainbow Crow". It was about how the Lenape thought that fire came to be on Earth. We also learned about Greek mythology. Examples of Greek mythology are Zeus and Pandora. We read a book about King Midas and the golden touch. We also read "Pandora's Box".

Cedar Mountain Fun

Some of the fun that we had in Cedar Mountain this year was the Wax museum and Chorus. The Wax museum was to learn about a famous person that interested us and we did a slide presentation about them. We also got dressed up as them and had to have a speech and be wax figures and move only when our button was pushed. Chorus was fun because we learned teamwork and that we are all unique but together we can make something beautiful. We learned to memorize songs and know when to sing when there were different parts and solos.