The Russian Revolution



Many Russians at this time were affected by the lack of a true leader when the Tsar and his family had exiled and they were left with a provisional government, not able to give them the comfort of their history. When the Bolshevicks came to power it was about the same reaction, it was change that they weren't used to. many did not like this. The Bolshevicks did a lot of things like take factories from people, and church organizations, a lot of people lost their job, and formed a mental connection that led straight to the Bolshevicks.


The Bolshevicks whole lead was Political, and in the context of Revolution it was magnified in the miny February and October Revolutions, and the Civil war between them and the opposing white party. The Russian Revolution was a new form of political governing and changed from tsarism to socialism.


A lot of Religious leaders and followers are not fond of the leaders in the Russian Revolution, the Bolshevicks. The Bolshevicks were atheist and promoted atheist propaganda and shut down church organizations and censored Russias news in order to show their stand on Religion. The fact is, there had to be some religious stand in order for the Revolution to be a success, because if they had no say on what they thought, half the country just lost interest in the matter to begin with. I think that really was their stand, honestly, but I do think it went a little extreme on purpose. I think the thought was to get noticed first, and then when they did they stopped doing as much damage and controlling of that aspect of Russia.


The Russian Revolution promoted thought, and a difference in ideas, the people of Russia were so used to things being done for them, or even a little extreme, things being done so much for them that they had nothing to help themselves. This aspect of the Revolution shows great growth in the fact that the society of Russia was forced to act upon their own moral standards, and had options to think, decide, and choose.


I do not think the Russian Revolution proved to be apart of any technological advances, although it did set Russia up for growth in that area. During the war when they were trying to get out of it, they had to give a chunk of the west to Germany, and in doing so, lost good fertile land that could have shown to be prosperous in factories or other such items. Lenin did make good use of factories though, but he didn't do anything completely new along those lines.


The Russian Revolution had a great impact on the economic status of Russia at the time. First with Lenin, he made use of factories, took over the jobs and a lot of people were out of jobs, their paper money was worthless, and their economy was hitting a downfall, losing much of the west did not prove to be beneficial either, that meant that Russia lost good fertile soil and land that could have been used to enhance thier economy. Upon Lenins death, when Stalin took over, the economy seemed to improve due to his unheard of ways, and Russia seemed to do good for a second there.