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Employing air compressors to process air is not the solution to all your air purifying needs, the existence of compounds like water in the compressed air, elements of matter and oil particles, or microbial infectivity like bacteria and virus in the air or steam vapors lead to significant problems.

Compressed air which is left raw or unprocessed contains a lot of potentially injurious or detrimental containments. One must foresee and get rid of these prospective damages, in order to make the production run safely and economically, because fighting these hazards adds on cost too; and they may be injurious to human health.

Leave alone the fact if the compressed air comes into direct contact with the product or is used to mechanize a process, provide motive power, for packaging products, or even to generate other gases on-site, whatever the case may be; a clean, dry, reliable high pressure compressors supply is necessary to maintain efficient and cost effective production.

These air contaminations usually occur because the production managers and quality managers are often unaware of the potential hazards associated with this powerful utility. If you’re a quality manager then going through the following difficulties can be an eye- opener:

Typical difficulties associated with air contaminations include:

  • The water that is there in the compressed air is used to dry a product, this may hurt a product, or make it unsatisfactory because of not meeting quality assurance requisites
  • The matter particulate that is there in the compressed air blowers is used for controlling a pneumatic valve, it could cause the premature failure of the system, leading to the stoppage of the production line, this will eventually make you lose on your product, the product will become a waste and all of this will take up a lot of production time that has also been invested in a waste product
  • The presence of particulate matter in the direct processing of a foodstuff might lead to an out-of specification product (e.g., taste, color, odor, or other quality assurance product issue may result) or to issues related to operational regulatory requirements.

industrial air compressors for sale

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high pressure compressors | compressed air blowers

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high pressure compressors | compressed air blowers

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