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Friday, September 25, 2015
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New Items

Our next Coffee Talk is Wednesday, September 30th at 7:45 in the library (this is a change from the original schedule). Our focus will be conferences; please see the guiding questions below and bring your beverage! J


1. If we continue with student led conferences, what were some of the successes?

2. What are some opportunities for improvement?

3. Spring conferences are traditional parent-teacher conferences. What ideas do you have for a structure?

WEB Leader Lessons

WEB Leaders will be teaching lessons in CCC during the week of September 28 - October 2. The link below provides a list of those teachers participating in the WEB lessons. It also notes which WEB leaders who are leading out each lesson.

Professional Learning Communities: PD Needs Assessment

The District Professional Development Committee (DPDC) would like all certified staff members to anonymously complete the following survey as they reflect on the work of their building PLC. If you participate in a district PLC, found in the listing below, please use the provided link to provide your reflections on your district PLC. Data will be compiled by the Academic Department and sent back to principals as PLC averages and an overall building average. Administrators will distribute the results to PLCs.

PLC teams will then have an opportunity to discuss the data and determine next steps for the growth of their PLC. The DPDC will use the data to plan professional development and ensure district supports are provided for areas that allow for growth. Please complete your survey by Wednesday, September 30. Data will be available when staff returns from Fall Break.

District P LCs

· K-12 Guidance/ESC

· K-12 ESOL

· Elementary- Art

· Elementary- Music

· Elementary- PE

· Elementary- Reading Recovery

· Elementary- Literacy Coaches

· Elementary- Gifted

· Elementary- Library Media Specialists

· Middle School- Art

· Middle School- Band

· Middle School- Choir

· Middle School- Music Production

· Middle School- Speech & Drama

· Middle School- FACS

· Middle School- IT

· Middle School- TIL

· Middle School- EBD

· Middle School- Spanish

· Middle School- French

· Middle School- Gifted

· Middle School- Library Media Specialists

· High School- AP Art History

· High School- AP Art Studio

· High School- Band

· High School- Choir

· High School- Drama

· High School- Journalism (FHC & FHN)

· High School- AP Statistics & Calculus

· High School- Physics

· High School- PLTW Digital Engineering

· High School- PLTW Principles of Engineering

· High School- PLTW Human Body Systems

· High School- PLTW Computer Science

· High School- Library Media Specialists

District PLC survey link (only for those part of a PLC listed above)

Building PLC survey link (unique to each building)

Veterans Day Celebration: Pictures Needed!

We will be celebrating Veterans Day as a school community with our annual assembly the morning of Tuesday, November 10th (the day prior to Veterans Day). To enhance our celebration and make it more personal to our students and community, we would appreciate photographs of any relatives , friends, or loved ones who have served our country. Actual photographs or digital files should include the following: name of the Veteran, relation to student or staff member, branch/rank/years of service (if known), and return information for actual photographs. Email digital files to Mrs. Koenig at All images need to be sent in no later than Wednesday, November 4.

Direct Drive Information

Dear FHMS Teachers,

Our Family and Community Engagement (FACE) team is working to enhance the educational experience of each Francis Howell Middle School student. PTO and PIT are working collectively to bring this to fruition. Our fund raising efforts are coordinated by our PTO which is working diligently to fund raise in order to further the work of Howell Middle. This is most often done through fundraising, which supports many of the clubs such as NJHS, robotics, WEB, and grant requests for your classrooms. The parents prefer direct donation but we are not seeing the funds come into the school which means we may not be able to meet all the requests of the school. Please help us help you. Middle school kids are hard and you are with them many hours a day. How can we best reach our parents through our kids? Have you spoken with them on the topic? What gets them excited so that they would relay the message to their parents? Any support you can provide on this topic is greatly appreciated and directly benefits the children. You can reach me at or speak directly with Dr. Lee.

Thank you for all you do for our kiddos on a daily basis.


Amber Johnson - 2015/16 PTO President

Teachers are also welcome to donate.

For Your Information...

2015-2015 School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Here is this year's SIP

Academic Blackout Dates

During these dates on the Outlook Calendar, we are honoring academic time during the school day. We will not schedule field trips, hold assemblies, or pull students from the classroom setting.

Hub Printing

Just a reminder, please do not send students to the Hub Printing areas (Room 223 and Room 261) to retrieve copies of materials. This is due to confidentiality issues. Also, please be respectful of others by using Private Printing (for large projects) during your Plan Period or before or after school so that you can be there when the printing is completed.

Bus Evacuations

Just an FYI, yearly bus evacuation drills will take place in the morning on Wednesday, October 7th at drop off. This should not impact the school day at all.

Custodian Appreciation Day - Friday, October 2, 2015

Your CCC is invited to write cards of appreciation for our custodial staff members. If your CCC wants to participate, please let the Main Office know. Then turn in your appreciation cards to the Main Office by Thursday, October 1, 2015.

FHMS Custodians

Elvis Ahmetovic

Bill Jackson

Admir Muhic

Emma Newkirk

Paul Prouhet

Kevin Webb

Important Information

CUES Reminder...

To keep this at the forefront of our work, here are the CUES the Admin team is monitoring on a weekly basis:

Communication of Information /Open Channels

United Administrative Team

Evidence of Academic Focus

Support& Visibility

A visit with Ted...

Staff, if you have not scheduled yoru 15 minute meeting with Dr. Huff, please contact Mrs. Goeke. Look at your calendar and see what dates and times work best for your schedule. We can meet before school, during plan, during lunch, or after school.

Guiding Questions:

1. How has the start of the year been for you (compared to last year)? Or, for your 1st year at FHMS, how has it started for you?

2. Your thoughts on "all students learning at high levels".

3. What can I do to help you this year? What supports do you need from me?

PTO Items

Have you asked yourself…How can I help PTO/PIT Fund Raise this year? There is a hassle-free way to fund raise, it is through Shoparoo. Follow these simple steps to start the fun.

· Download Shoparoo either through Google play or the App store

· Sign up and pick Francis Howell Middle School PTO

· Go shopping and then:

• Snap pictures of your receipts

• Every Receipt Counts

• Grocery Stores Clothing Stores

• Convenience Stores Hardware Stores

• Super Centers Pet Stores

• Dollar Stores etc….

• Drug Stores

• Earn cash for your school

• Shoparoo makes a donation for every receipt you submit

• Share with your friends

• There’s strength in numbers-the more supporters we have, the more we earn.

If you are competitive, you can compete with friends, colleagues and neighbors.


Check here each week for updated, new, and upcoming information...

BrainPOP Login Has Changed

The old district BrainPOP login information has been deactivated. FHMS students and staff should now use the new login to access BrainPOP. See below:

Username: howellmidd

Password: fhsdPassword Self Service Portal
The Technology Department has recently put together a Password Self Service Portal, that can be used while you are in the district. This portal should help reduce the amount of time our Help desk spends resetting passwords, and should also help you and your students get logged in more quickly in scenarios where passwords are forgotten. For instructions on how to register for the portal, click here


The update School Improvement Plan (SIP) is included in this edition of News4You. You can review the Achievement Goal, strategies, and action steps. We will review our first quarter progress at the October faculty meeting.



SMART Goals and NEE goal setting.

Make sure you submit your SMART Goals and NEE goal setting summary forms to your evaluating administrator. NEE forms are due by the end of the quarter.




1 Kirsteen James

1 MaryLou Modde

3 Lindsay Weiss

9 Rebecca Klinginsmith

9 Tim McNamee

12 Roxanne Puzzella

15 Carol Jones

23 Kasey Brzycki

24 Kim Noland

30 Lynne Finnerty

Upcoming Dates

September 28th: RtI Training

September 30th: Faculty Meeting, 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CITW work)

September 30th: Talent Show FHHS Auditorium 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

October 7th: 3:15 p.m. Academic Day with CCC at the start of the day.

October 7-9: Academic Blackout Dates

October 12-19: Fall Break

October 19: PD Day for staff