Luna Moth

by slayton

Scientific name of bug

The Luna Moth: Actias Luna


Luna Moths live in trees in the Eastern part of USA and in Canada.

Food and diet

When it is in caterpillar form, it eats hickory bark, sycamore bark and walnut leaves. When the Luna Moth is an adult, it eats nothing.

Life Cycle

There are 4 stages in the Luna Moth life cycle: egg, Caterpillar,pupa and adult. then lay eggs of 1 too 600.


Luna Moths have wings, light green with yellow stripes. They are long. They have wing tails. The wingspan is 5 inches.


only fly at night. have wings and tail.

Luna moth's enemy's

birds,mice,skunks,toads,frogs,spiders and man kind


only fly at night.lay eggs a lot at a time

Interesting facts

does not have mouth.when adult stage people call the Luna moth moon moth


My bug house has two rooms the main room and the egg room for the eggs. the house is made out of a big soda bottle, plastic cups, duck tape and string
Luna moth eggs hatching.
Indian Moon Moth or Indian Luna Moth