The 14 Day Twitter Challenge

For SWCS Staff Members's not just for sports enthusiasts!

Create a Professional Learning Network - You never know who you might meet!

Use December 2 - December 15 (just 14 days) to decide if Twitter is right for you and your professional development!

Day 1 - Sign Up To Start Tweeting

Today, your only job is to create a twitter account. If you already have a personal twitter account, consider creating a professional twitter account that you will use to build your professional learning network. Go to to get started. View the following video if you need help!

You can also download Twitter for your smartphone or table today and all of the steps can be done on your phone or tablet.

How To Make A Twitter Account | 2013

Day 2 - Let people know who you are!

Begin this journey by updating your bio. By default your bio will be blank! Add some information about yourself so people will know a LITTLE bit about you as a professional. For instance, my bio reads:

"Building Technology Coordinator in the South-Western City School District. #techgirl"

Photos! Don't be afraid to add a photograph of yourself or something you enjoy. Don't be the egg, nobody wants to communicate with an egg!

For some fun Twitter bios see:

Day 3 - Follow Tweeps

Today, your objective is to find at least 25 people in your field to follow. Might I suggest @SWCSD the official district feed and @Wagner_BTC my very own twitter!

For a list of excellent tweeps to follow visit:

Day 4 - Your First Tweet!

Introduce yourself to the world today (or at least that one friend you told to follow you!) In your first tweet just type less than 140 characters about who you are and include the hashtag #swcstweets in your first tweet.

Example: Hi Twitter World, I'm new here and am looking to interact with other tech people in education. #swcstweets

Day 5 - The Basics of Twitter

Engage in the basics of Twitter, and respond to a tweet from someone you follow.

@ – when placed in front of a Twitter name, it allows the person to see a reply to them under Replies

RT – you use this to re-tweet a tweet that is worthy of sending again to your followers; this is a great way to gain followers, too

# Hashtags - to track specific conversations ( Use Twitter Search to see what I mean)

Favorite - Save interesting tweets to a list of your favorites

Day 5 of the 14 Day Twitter Challenge for Teachers

Day 6 - Go Mobile

If you haven't already, download a twitter app to your phone. Make a mobile tweet using a picture of something in your life today!

Day 7 - #Hashtags

Search some of the following educational hashtags and find at least 10 more people to follow. Retweet, favorite, and respond to a couple as well!

HALF WAY DONE! Good Job Tweep!

Day 8 - Share an Article

Find an article on a website or a blog post you are interested in and tweet a link to the article. Most articles and posts will have a sharing toolbar, just click on the blue bird, or the word 'Tweet'.

Day 9 - Favorites

You should be following quite a few educational twerps by now, find something that you can use at work this week and favorite it.

Day 10 - Twitter Clients

If you’re taking part in a popular chat, you will find it far easier to follow if you use a different twitter client than

Check out,, or the Google Chrome Twitter extension.

It’s a matter of personal preference so you might like to try a couple of different options until you find the one that works best for you.

x5315's Guide to Twitterfall
Day 11 of the 14 Day Twitter Challenge

Day 11 - Twitter Chat

Check out a Twitter Chat - where people interested in a topic tweet about it using the same hashtag on a give night at a given time. Check out the link to find a twitter chat of interest.

While you are there, be sure to

  • Follow at least 10 new people you find interesting.
  • Tweet at least 2 times using the #ohedchat hashtag
  • Retweet something interesting

Day 12 - Discuss/Inspire/Provoke

Post a thought-provoking statement or question on Twitter, and invite your followers to respond and answer. Respond to at least 3 tweets from people you follow or from people who respond to you.

Day 13 - Follow Your Interests

You aren't just an educator, so what else are you interested in? Movies, music, books, sports, art? Find and follow some people who tweet about what interests you!


Congratulations! You are now at day 14 of the challenge. This is really just the beginning of your learning journey that can happen on Twitter. Now you get to decide "To Tweet or Not To Tweet".

The 14-Day Twitter Challenge is designed to assist people with the initial stages of discovery on Twitter. Continue beyond the 14-day stage and reap the rewards for years to come. Check out 100 Ways to Use Twitter in Education.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey about how this challenge can be improved and what you got from it.


A sincere thank you to everyone who participated in this 14 day challenge! It's not going anywhere so if you only got half way done, don't be afraid to come back and finish it! Also a huge thank you to Jarrod Robinson from Australia who created the original 14 day challenge and allowed others like me to use his idea and create our own.