The Cheyenne Tribe

The Hunters and Warriors Of The Past

Food of The Cheyenne

The Cheyenne first ate meat, vegetables,and fruit, and used flour for cake. They decided to start eating meat from the buffalo that they hunted. Men and women had to go and see what kind of herd it was. When they killed it the women would get there horses and quickly take it back so the could dry it. After they dry it they would make buffalo jerky.

Customs of the cheyenne

The Sun dance is important to everybody . They have to cut down trees and make wire to put in the sun dancers backs and they will dance until their flesh tears apart . The great spirit is in charge of everything people,animals,and also plants. They think the great spirit is also the sun. They always pray for good things to happen so there are no droughts.That is a really nice tradition .

Clothing of the Cheyenne

When you need clothes you have to depend on buffalo. the women wear buffalo hide with deerskin skirts. Boys wore deerskin around there body. Men wore robes made of buffalo fluff with turkey feathers around so they can earn a feather for each time they show pride.

housing of the cheyenne

For this the men had to do even more work. They had to kill even more buffalo. They had to skin the buffalo quickly so the houses didn't get cold. It wasn't that hard for getting sheep skin and that for the soil on the ground. They used tree bark to keep the teepee nice and firm. They used leaves to decorate.they made really nice houses.

Interesting Facts

Everybody bought there arrows because they had to kill buffalo with accurate arrows. They had the best arrows in all of the tribes. Getting money was easy with getting and buying arrows. The money they used was for buying horses and stealing horses then to get even more money they sold them and took them so they could travel faster and get better ones. They lived in lots of places they've that are cool in the united states right now like South Dakota, wyoming, and Nebraska. They were part of the great plains and plain indians. I would call them the best. The Cheyenne tribe is spirited and great.