Gloves with love & Hats from the he

3rd grade winter project


January 5th February 9th 2015

why we wear gloves in the winter

  1. Prevent your hands from cracking & drying out.
  2. You can get frost bitten
  3. Gloves keep your hands from getting cold

why we wear hats in the winter

You need to wear a hat in the winter because we lose more heat from our head than the rest of our body that is why we need to wear hats in the winter.


Our goal is to raise 1,000 hats & gloves for kids that don't have it.

why are we giving back

We are giving back because we would like to make other people happy because maybe they don't have what we got so can you donate hats or gloves to us for we can give it to the kids that don't have it.

why are we doing this

We are doing this because we want to make other people smile because maybe these don't have it so that is why we are doing this.

Teacher contact info

Brookview Elementary

Melinda Pinner 317-532-3050

La'Kia Moore-Scott