Scientific Breakthroughs Inspired by Literature

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to explore how imaginative literature (SCIENCE-FICTION) has impacted real-life science. Through our investigation, we will identify scientific breakthroughs that started in literature. This investigation will help all to see that there is a place for literature in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs.

Project Requirements

  1. Use the Internet to find technological/scientific breakthroughs or inventions that were predicted in science-fiction/literature.
  2. Create a two slide presentation that contains the following:
  • SLIDE 1: A description of the scientific break through and a picture, if possible
  • SLIDE 2: A quote from the story that describes the invention/prediction and a bibliographic entry for it.

Completed projects should be uploaded to Blackboard (Test Prep & Projects Tab)

Possible Search Terms

Technological Inventions Inspired by Literature | Technology inspired by science fiction
Technology predicted by literature| Robert Heinlein tech predictions | Mark Twain tech predictions

All Projects will be compiled and presented at STEM Night on Thursday, November 20