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How to import or add students to your classes.

To Import a CSV file through ZipGrade Cloud:

  1. Go to and login with your ZipGrade Cloud user.
  2. Click on Students and then click 'Import From CSV'.
  3. Select a CSV file on your computer with the required fields.
The import process requires at least a first name and last name field to be

included in the CSV file.

•Optionally, you may map:A ZipGrade ID - must be a number (Student # in

•An External ID - may be alphanumeric and will be included in any exports (This can be HISD student ID number. )
•A Class name - a new class record will be created for any class the doesn't

exist yet.

4. Follow the directions on screen to map the data columns appropriately.
5. Once imported, the data sync will happen eventually on your iPhone or iPad.

Press the 'Sync Data Now' button on the 'cloud' page within the app.

Answer Keys

Answer sheets are available in multiple sizes and formats to meet different teacher needs. For general use, use the PDF version. The PNG versions are useful for customizing or importing into other documents. For best scanning results, print on standard white copier paper.

Answer Keys - Use Once or Multiple Times

  • ZipGrade will only grade the questions that have an answer defined on the key. Percentages are based on this same number. You can create any size quiz of up to 100 questions. And the 'active' questions can be anywhere on the answer sheet.
  • FYI, some teachers use this feature to re-use an answer sheet multiple times. Use answers 1-10 for one exit ticket and then questions 11-20 for another day's exit ticket.

Exporting Data from ZipGrade to Excel

If you are using the iPhone/iPad version:

* Select from the list of quizzes
* On the quiz menu, press 'Review Papers'
* In the upper-right, press the export button (rectangle with an up arrow)
* Select the format you would like (CSV - Full Data Format has the most data)
* Press 'Next >' and select your destination: Google Drive, Dropbox, or email

If using the Android version:
* Select from the list of quizzes
* Press the ellipse button (3 dots) in the upper-right
* Select 'Export Data'
* Select 'CSV'
* Select destination (selection varies on apps installed)

For either version, using the website:
* From any web browser, go to
* Press in the upper-left to login and enter your ZipGrade Cloud username & password
* Press 'quizzes' in the menu bar
* Select the quiz
* Press to 'Export as CSV'


  • Zipgrade will allow you to grade the first 100 assignments for free in a month.
  • In App purchase of $6.99 for unlimited grading for a year.