Kinder Corner

Week 32

The Zoo!

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We are so excited about our field trip to the Dallas Zoo next Friday! If you have not yet returned your child's permission slip, please do so. We want everyone to enjoy this amazing experience.

Please watch the weather carefully next week and dress your child accordingly. As of now, we're looking at clear skies and highs in the lower 80's. Hats and sunglasses are welcome as long as your child will be responsible for them. The chaperones will carry your child's disposable sack lunch in a bag/backpack (all lunch items will be thrown away after lunch), and water fountains can be found all over the zoo.

Dress Code Reminder

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As the weather warms and wardrobes change, we just wanted to remind you about the Plano ISD Dress Code:

Students' dress and grooming are expected to be in keeping with accepted community standards. The following statements are guidelines:

  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Students in grades K-2 may wear regular shorts. Students in grades 3-12 may wear shorts but must meet the following standards:
    • Must be loose-fitting; no biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts or combination thereof.
    • Must be hemmed or cuffed.
    • Length must be to the fingertips or longer.

  • Dresses or skirts must be longer than fingertips. {Please wear shorts under dresses}

  • Tanks tops, tube tops, halter type blouses or mesh shirts will not be permitted.

  • Sun dresses will be permitted if modestly cut. Shirts should overlap the waistband of skirts, shorts, or pants.

  • Items with provocative, offensive, violent, or drug-related pictures or slogans will not be permitted. Items advertising alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will not be permitted.
  • No hats, caps, bandannas, hoods, wallet chains, or sunglasses.
  • No type of clothing which has been torn or has holes will be allowed.
  • No sagging pants or shorts.
  • No gang paraphernalia.
  • No visible pierced jewelry other than earrings.
  • All students are expected to meet community standards and school policies with regard to health, cleanliness and appearance. All safety rules must be obeyed.


Read Any Good Books Lately?

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Your Kindergartner has no doubt become a stronger reader! To continue to grow and improve, regular practice is a must. We understand that it can sometimes be challenging to find books your child will look forward to reading. The link below has recommended book lists in a wide variety of categories to choose from. Books for new reader success, reluctant readers, read-alouds, mysteries, and science fiction are a few of the categories! Happy Reading!

Curriculum Coming Up...

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Language Arts/Social Studies:

-Art All Around

-Letters: Y, Z

-HFW: me where

-Word Family: sp___


-Cause and Effect


-Types of graphs

-Using graphs


-Environmentalism continued