Integumentary system

Elyssa Barrera


  • *Protects the body's internal organs and tissues
  • *Stops against invasion by infectious organisms
  • *Stores water and fat
  • *Helps dispose of waste materials
  • *Helps the brain react to touch, pressure, pain, and temperature
  • *Protect the body against sunburns
  • good health

    Putting herbs in foods can improve the Integumentary system like oregano, turmeric , and cacao. Stress weakens the Integumentary system which affects the digestion and prevents sleep that has a negative effect on the health of our skin.


    Some diseases/disorders that can have a dire effects are:

    *Blisters-rubbing, heat, cold or chemical exposure

    *Rabies-a virus that travels though body

    *Rubella- found in the blood and is causes measles