Technology Today

The advancements within education

Technology has greatly changed education negatively and positively throughout these years and it keeps advancing each day, creating more technological ideas in each school.

The pros about technology in school

There are plenty of reasons why technology has taken a major role in education.

Though it can be difficult for some students, most of them can accomplish much more when they have the internet to research or type papers up and turn them in easily within one click of a button. Technology has made it possible where you can go to a certain website where your school has all of the students grades for them to check out and see what they are missing. This way, they can see how caught up they are, or if they're behind, students can see specific assignments they haven't done, and turn it in right away.
It is also very effective on teachers, because it saves more time, just assigning an activity online, than having to pay money to buy paper and ink to print it out, making multiple copies.

The cons..

Negative effects can be harsh

Technology isn't exactly all good. In fact, it can cause an extremely large amount of trouble, if precautions aren't taken. Within most schools, the majority of the students and teachers have cellphones or some type of device that allows anyone to go on the internet if they have their own internet connection or if they know how to get passed the school's firewall. So, they can get on social networking sites, talking to each other instead of working on their assignments. Cyber bullying is a huge negative effect that happens everywhere. Kids around the school, can "tweet" to others about somebody else, or post pictures up on facebook or instagram of people who don't even realize that you're doing it. There are problems with social networking in school. Rumors get around easily, lies can be told and others can get hurt, and the school has serious consequences for cyber bullying.

Usage of technology is everywhere you look

It is greatly known around the world as one of the most powerful communicative and educational source, and is used everyone today. Each day is advancing, and technology will soon take over completely. Bad or good, it’s going to happen. We wouldn’t be where we were today if it weren’t for the advancements technology like computers and cell phones. Everyday there’s something new, and it will continue to grow worldwide, and help educationally.