Making the Grade

Springfield Public School District 186

Thank you!

What a great week for students, high schools, community with Making the Grade! Just wanted to share the ripple effect you are having. Here are a few emails & news clip to let you know the impact these events have on others.
Thank you for all your support for students this week.
December 2014

Emails about Making the Grade:

* Supt. Gill received an email from WCIS reporter, Brett Baldeck to share how welcome he felt yesterday at SHS Making the Grade! (his story is not yet posted at WCIS)

* From: Nathan H
Subject: Making the Grade
Date: December 2, 2014 11:40:50 PM CST

Mrs. Gill,
My name is Nathan H., 2013 graduate of Springfield High and I am emailing you because I would like to volunteer my time to attend one of the Making the Grade events at one of the three high schools. I understand there is one at Lanphier and Springfield Thursday, unfortunately I will be in class but definitely next semester I would really like to get involved in this. Thanks for all you’re doing for District 186, I am very impressed with your leadership and I really appreciate the positive things that are happening in 186.

Nathan H