Library Media Center Newsletter

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First marking period wrapup

This newsletter will be sent home to parents once a marking period to keep everyone updated with all of the exciting activities taking place in the Library Media Center. It's been a busy start to the school year. Students have been checking out books at a record pace! This year's Teen Nutmeg books have been especially popular, along with our newer books, and we have students checking out stacks of manga and other graphic novels at a time! We're gearing up for the Battle of the Books, which officially kicks off Dec. 11 with the annual after-school Readathon (pizza, prizes and extra credit!). Mr. Bilmes has also done a lot of teaching this fall, including lessons on 9/11, Veteran's Day, Primary/Secondary Sources, Evaluating Websites, Censorship, Grade 8 debate topics and Visual Literacy, which had students closely examining two famous paintings of George Washington. Students have also used Google Drive for two paperless assignments, where everything is done in their Google accounts. You can also keep up with events in the LMC by following the LMC Twitter feed (@SMS_LMC), which has over 100 followers!

Making eBooks easy!

It's easier than ever to download eBooks

We have over 100 eBooks on our Follett Shelf. Grade 7 students have been getting instruction on how to download and synch the two free apps -- Destiny Quest and Follett Enlight K-12 Reader -- they need to self checkout eBooks and to download them onto their devices so they can even read them offline. Instructions on how to do so are also on the LMC website.