Sisters of St Joseph - St Augustine

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Sisters celebrate 150 years of service in Florida

“In 1866 the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine came to the shores of Florida with the singular mission of educating and catechizing 10,000 African American children freed from slavery. Since that time their service has expanded to 66 unique missions throughout the state. Their list of accomplishments is most compelling...they have founded and/or served in:

· 52 elementary schools,

· 6 high schools,

· 1 college,

· 4 hospitals,

· 3 homes for children,

· 2 nursing homes,

· 2 homes for developmentally disabled adults

· and a home for unwed mothers.

In 2016 the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine and countless Floridians who have benefited from their largess will celebrate their 150 years of service. Many events are planned to honor these good sisters; the capstone of which is a documentary produced by WJCT Public Broadcasting that will share the stories of these consecrated women and the good work they have done!” Most Reverend Felipe Estevez, Bishop of St. Augustine

Catholic Schools in DOSA

1. Assumption School

2. Cathedral Parish School, St. Augustine

3. Christ the King School, Jacksonville

4. Epiphany School, Lake City

5. Holy Rosary School, Jacksonville

6. Immaculate Conception School

7. Morning Star School, Jacksonville

8. St. Agnes School, St. Augustine

9. St. Benedict the Moor, St. Augustine

10. St. Joseph Academy, Loretto

11. St. Joseph School, Loretto

12. St. Joseph Academy, Fernandina – my alma mater J

13. St. Joseph Academy, Jacksonville

14. St. Joseph Academy, Palatka

15. St. Matthew School, Jacksonville

16. St. Patrick School, Gainesville

17. St. Paul’s School, Jacksonville

18. St. Peter Claver School, Fernandina

19. St. Pius School, Jacksonville

High Schools

1. Bishop Kenny, Jacksonville (this was a diocesan school staffed by SSJs)

2. St. Josephs Academy – St. Augustine


WJCT - March 24, 2016 8 PM
WJCT - March 27, 2016 1 PM
WJCT - March 27, 2016 7 PM
WJCT - March 30, 2016 11PM