Poisson Distribution

Requirements for a Poisson Distribution

  1. The variable for x will represent the number of times an event occurs over some interval (time, distance, area, or volume).
  2. The occurences have to be random.
  3. The occurences cannot be dependent of each other.
  4. The occurences have to be evenly divided over the interval.

An Example..

On average, there are 178 sesame seeds on each Big Mac bun. Find the probability that a Big Mac bun has 170 sesame seeds.

What are the notations for Possion Distribution?

  • u: the average number of occurences of the event happening
  • x: the specific number of occurences you are looking for

In the example...

  • u = 178 sesame seeds
  • x = 170 sesame seeds

So, what is the probability of finding a Big Mac bun with 170 seeds?

P(170)= .0255