Martin Deleon

Land grant of Martin De leon


In this Smore you will learn about Don Martin De Leon and his settlement. You will also learn about its location, and how it is today.

Biography of Martin De Leon

Martin de leon was born in 1765 in Burgos Nuevo Santander and was born into his family's wealth.In 1833 he died in Victoria Texas. In his youth he declined his father's offer to finish his education, and chose to become a merchant and supplier of food to Miners. In 1790 he joined the Fieles de burgos which is a defence system against the Native Americans. While in the force he was promoted to Captain. Then in 1795 he married Patricia de la Garza and had 10 children with his wife. Then in 1805 he and his wife claimed their land grant and settled in Texas. In 1824 he asked for permission to go and build a settlement in Texas. 5 days later he received permission to go build a settlement. He set up his settlement along the Guadalupe river settling between 100 and 200 families. Later Green De Wit tried to steal his land because they were given the same land, but failed, because Martin de Leon was Spanish. In his life he was the only Mexican to found a colony.

What problems did Martin De Leon Have

Martin De Leon had problems with the Mexican Government, because they rejected his applications five times, because he wasn’t fit to be an empresario. An economic condition that martin de leon faced was cholera epidemic. This killed many settlers and decreased the lands reputation, which resulted in no one person wanting to buy land there. Martin De Leon was the first victim for this deadly disease. Martin De Leon was an honest and respectful man, which strengthened his bond with the settlers. There were no problems between the settlers and Martin De Leon. Everyone liked him and he loved everyone else. During the building of their settlement, Martin got a lot of help and faced no problems of any sort. Everything went fine with the help of his son-in-law, the surveyor- engineer, of the settlement. After all the building Martin De Leon named it Guadalupe Victoria.

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Was his settlement a success?

One possible reason that Martin De Leon’s settlement was a success is that he was not given any on limit on how much land or families. The mexican government may have done this so that they could establish a prominent mexican colony. By 1835 his settlement had 162 families but only 16 of them were Mexican so in a way he did not succeed in creating and mexican promotant but he did succeed in creating a seccessful colony. but I still think Martin De Leon's settlement was a success because his colony still exists and is now modern day Victoria

When and why did he build the settlement?

He built the settlement in April 8, 1824.

He built it because he wanted power and money over the people. He built the settlement and persuaded families to come and live in his colony.


The geography was tricky, because there was often droughts and then later is would flood, and the area was good for smuggling illegal goods