4th Grade Newsletter

October 1st - October 7th

Toys, Pokémon Cards, and Fidgets

Any toys, Pokémon cards, or fidgets brought from home are suppose to either stay in the students backpacks during the school day and while on school property. This includes time in the morning before first bell, and after school until they have left the school boundaries.

For students that require a fidget to help stay focused during class (or think they may need one):

They need to talk with their homeroom or intervention teacher. There are some fidgets for this purpose in each classroom, that can be used on a case by case basis. If they start to become a distraction, that privilege will be taken away and need to be earned back.


  • Midterm- September 30th
  • PTO Meeting 1pm Oct 5th
  • NO SCHOOL Oct 6th and 7th
  • Oct 10th and 13th Parent teacher conference
  • Oct 12th STEM at the Museum


Tuesday: Art and Music

Thursday: PE and Library*

*Students need to have shoes appropriate for exercise, as well as their library books every Thursday.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your student's teacher!

Class Dojo or Email

Judy Bloom: bloojudy@sd91.org

Emily Greene: greeemil@sd91.org

Lori Stephenson: steplori@sd91.org


If you see new classes showing up on Schoology or Dojo they are to help us as teachers communicate with each other and our students. Grades posted in these courses are not a reflection of their final grades in any one subject.

Homework will now be assigned by intervention teachers, instead of homeroom teachers.

Mrs. Bloom is printing her ELA homework on purple and Math homework on Yellow.

Ms. Greene is printing her ELA homework on pink and Math homework on White.

We want to hear from you!!