Francis Scott Key

By Sammy Ward

Francis Scott Key's small act of valor turned to be one of the most patriotic actions in U.S. history.

Francis's Early Life

Francis Scott Key was born August 1st,1779 to John Ross Key and Ann Phoebe Key in Georgetown, Virginia. Growing up, Francis was rather intelligent and was good at doing multiple things at once. He excelled in all of his classes, which led him to the opportunity to attend college.
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Key's Education

Francis Scott Key was interested in law, so he attended Saint John's University. He graduated in 1796 and then moved to Maryland in 1805, where he stayed with his wife and children. Key also wrote amateur poems in his free time. Key lived in Baltimore as the War of 1812 started, where he nobly volunteered to fight for his country.
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Key's Long Time Adult House

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War of 1812

The War of 1812 was between Britain and the U.S. On June 18, 1812, U.S. declared war on Great Britain. On August 24, 1814, British troops even set fire to the White House! Another very important day of this war was September 13, 1814, when Britain invaded Fort McHenry. Francis Scott Key was serving as a spy for the States. He was on a British boat watching a 24-hour siege on Fort McHenry. When Key woke in the morning, he looked at the Fort, expecting to see the British flag flying through the air. Surprisingly, he saw the American flag soaring through the early morning. Francis had to write about this, choosing a poem as the fashion. He titled it, The Star Spangled Banner.

Fort McHenry

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The Star Spangled Banner

Originally a poem, the Star Spangled Banner gained popularity around 1815 when it was put to the beat of Anacreontic Society. Most of America knew of this song by this time, including Navy and the Army, which sang this song while serving. It wasn't, however, until 1931, when it officially became the nation's anthem.
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Effects of The Star Spangled Banner

Many effects of the War of 1812 were positive, and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner might be the prime example. It added a lot of patriotism to this fairly new country. Francis Scott Key knew not what a poem could have done, but we can see the great effects each day spent in America.

Other Facts About the Star Spangled Banner

The nation's anthem is usually played at sporting events, operas, and many other places too. When it is played, people are expected to stand, face the flag, remove any hats, and put their right hand over their hearts. If you are in the Military: however, you are to keep your hat on and salute the flag from the beginning to end of the song.
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