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Borrowing, Overdues Policy and Lost books

Please help us to follow up on overdue books by placing overdue notices in diaries. If a student has an overdue book they cannot borrow another book therefore the sooner it is brought back the better for the child. Any book that is lost needs to be replaced with the same book or paid for. If the book is eventually found then the parent receives a refund. As you can imagine, replacing lost books is very costly and time consuming and your help is appreciated. We like to spend our time and energy on sourcing new books for you and your students.

Please continue to remind students to bring library bags in Years1-3 and Smart cards in Years 4-6.

Book Returns

Please help us by encouraging students to return books directly to the Book Return box on the same day of your library visit before 9am. This helps us to clear student records before your borrowing time and helps the borrowing process run smoothly and efficiently in the library.

For Years 1-2 all fluency books must be scanned before returning to the tubs. Several students are still returning their books directly to the tub or the item is not being scanned properly. Parents who scan must be familiar with the correct procedure and also know of the importance of it.

Please reduce the amount of time returned books stay in your classroom as often these are the ones that get mislaid and 'borrowed' by other students.

We have several parents mention this problem and are then reluctant to pay for the replacements.

Using the library space appropriately - encouraging independence and responsibility

Please use your time in the library to help guide students find a good book to read. Teachers are also responsible for supervising the students and managing inappropriate behaviour. Library assistants are responsible for library processes and procedures and helping students find books they are looking for.

It is everyone's responsibility to keep the library space organised and ready for all borrowers and researchers. Please remind students before you leave the library and check to see if it's satisfactory for the next class. Please return the books to the correct shelf or to the red bookcase if students are unsure. Beanbags need to be tidy for the next class to use.

Students are asked not to change any desktop design on the computers as these need to be easily accessible and useable for students in Yr2 upwards. Pencils and papers that are provided for library use need to remain in the library.

New books and the Wishlist

We are constantly receiving new books - these are displayed on the slat walls that are around the library. They are filled regularly. A book that is requested via the library Wishlist is reserved for the student who requested it.

Teachers - please also add to the wishlist - we will try to source any book that you want to read to your classes or that you think we should have in the library. These books are purchased on a monthly basis.

Contacting Library Staff

If you would like to change a library class time due to various changes in schedules please check on the Google Doc "Library Primary Booking Schedule 2013-14" and notify any of the library staff: Kelly Liu, Gigi Jose, Athena Nicomedes.

We are happy to accommodate your changes - we just need to know about them.

Please view the gallery for information about our newest members of the library team.