Characteristics of War and AntiWar

What I've Learned About War and Anti War


One thing I have learned in this unit is that in war everyone is negatively affected, not just the two armies and their families. In war innocent people, who happen to live in a battle zone, have their lives torn apart; their homes, their livelihood, and their families. They are stuck unable to change anything because they are just a couple people watching their country get destroyed. Secondly is that war is not as glorious as Hollywood and the world make it up to be. It wrecks peoples lives, it destroys country's, it takes a tremendous toll on the worlds economy. And while the people serving their country are glorious and honorable, war and it's effects are not.
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What I've Learned About War and Anti War


One thing I have wondered before this unit is what causes an anti-war movement. And why do some wars have larger ones then others? What I learned is that while there is always in anti-war movement, certain wars do generate a larger one do to the following reason.

1. If it is a war that doesn't really effect the people, like Vietnam and unlike WW2, they oppose it from the start, thus creating a movement early on.

2. If the war drags on, without much success, and the casualties begin to mount up, the people begin to grow tired and despise the war.

3. The larger the movement gets, the more people join it in order to fit in, so then it snowballs out of control.

So the reason that there isn't as much of a big anti-war movement against the war in Iraq, is because the people are mostly very opposed to ISIS (so it affects the people), and the US is only doing airstrikes right now, so the casualties are very small.

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Quotes on War and Anti-War

The first quote is by me from Assignment 12.

"War brings out some of the best in man, but some of the worst in mankind."

This anti-war quote is by George S. McGovern.

“I'm fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.”

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