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Week of June 1

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Tuesday- Grade 1- Nelson Farm 8:30-2:00

Grade 2- Southway Bowl 8:45-10:30

Wednesday- PAKRAT Assembly 8:00 AM

Lunch Outside K-5

Thursday-Weather permitting, all specials will be outside playing games and being active!

Please have your kids outside at the basketball courts at your scheduled time.

8:25-9:10 Kindergarten

9:15-10:00 Grade 5

10:05-10:50 Grade 4

11:40-12:25 Grade 2

12:25-1:10 Grade 1

1:10-1:55 Grade 3

If weather is not good all classes will be in the gym

Friday- Breakfast 8:00

"We don't stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing." G.B. Shaw